Gutter Cleaning

Inside Gutters : removing the tree debris, moss, granules, etc from within the gutter system

Outside Gutters : washing the grime off the outside facing of the gutter system

  • Inside Gutters are cleaned out by hand
  • Outside Gutters are brush washed, not pressure washed
  • Roof Sweeping of tree debris is a good add on with gutters
  • We do select small Gutter Repairs and Upgrades
  • Stand off bars are used so that we do not dent your gutters


Small Homes

Inside Gutters Average $125*
Outside Gutters Average $115*

Roof Sweep Average $75*

Small House Examples

Gutter Cleaning on a small Dunbar house Inside Gutter Cleaning West Vancouver Small House


Medium Homes

Inside Gutters Average $200*
Outside Gutters Average $175*

Roof Sweep Average $100*

Medium House Examples

Asphalt roof on West Side Vancouver, BC needs gutter cleaning Two story house in North Vancouver has gutters Cleaned

Large Homes

Inside Gutters Average $275*
Outside Gutters Average $225*

Roof Sweep Average $150*

Large House Examples

Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC Large Home Gutter Cleaning Large Vancouver home in UBC area having inside gutters cleaned


Extra Large Homes

Inside Gutters Average $375*
Outside Gutters Average $325*

Roof Sweep Average $225*

Extra Large House Examples

North Vancouver, BC Luxury Home Gutter Cleaning Gutter cleaner at luxury home in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, BC


*General Pricing Information*

  • Average prices are based on a standard gutter system on houses of each size
  • Specifics and variables of your home could mean the cost is higher or lower than the average provided
  • Please note the minimum charge for gutter cleaning is $100 

Delta BC Gutter Cleaning Before and After

Gutter Cleaning job in Richmond - November, 2018

Vancouver Gutter Cleaning Before and After

Gutter Cleaning job in Vancouver - January, 2019

Moss Removal & Inside Gutters in August 2020. Roof was sprayed after to kill all remaining moss bits, algae, mold and lichens

Cover Systems never work as advertised. We prefer a simpler, less expensive option like Gutter Baskets


Algae & moss grow under cover systems and tree debris still finds its way inside


Approved Installer of the Gutter Basket.

The smart simple solution to keep your gutters flowing.

Gutter Basket Vancouver

These gutters were not cleaned for a few years yet still allowed water to flow

Gutter Basket in North Vancouver



Gutter Repairs

  • Select Re-attaching & Re-aligning of Gutters
  • Built in Gutter Membrane Seals
  • Select Downspout Repairs
  • For repairs that we cannot do we will assess and advise

 Inside Gutters Cleaned Out

Eavestrough Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

Outside Gutter Facing Washed

Outside Gutter Washing in Vancouver, BC





Gutter Basket Upgrade

  • An inexpensive quality product that works
  • $16 each installed
  • Recommended for almost every gutter system

Gutter Basket North Shore

Gutter Basket Clean

West Vancouver Gutter Baskets

Gutter Cleaning Service Area IIncludes Vancouver, Burnaby, South Surrey, White Rock, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Langley, Aldergrove, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, Deep Cove, Anmore and Belcarra

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Whole House Washing

Mold, Mildew and Algae are Soft Washed using detergent and brushes


Built In or Hidden Gutters

Built in gutter repair before photo

Rubber Membrane that is badly damaged

Gutter rubber membrane repair in Vancouver BC

Patched up and water tight



Help keep the water flowing between cleanings

See Gutter Cleaning Page for more info on Baskets